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On September 10, 2015 by chicagohajj

With our economical Hajj and Umrah packages we’ve been able to serve the most number of Pilgrims from US and Canada. As always, this year also chicagohajj.com has the privilege of organizing the largest groups of Pilgrims from all around America. The most renowned Islamic scholar will lead our Hajj and Umrah groups INSHAALLAH in a few days ahead. No other Hajj and Umrah group offers such services that we do, we are the only group to have our own hotel in Mecca and Medina and we also hold citation of serving the Pilgrims associated with chicagohajj.com with our own deluxe transportation. We provide Pilgrims with each and every service, so that they don’t have to worry about anything at all and focus on performing this religious duty satisfactory and without compromising on comfort.

Our Hajj and Umrah season for this year is now officially closed. After the successful Hajj 2015, Chicago Hajj and Umrah bring you Hajj 2016. Our Hajj packages 2016 will be more luxurious and more economical as we continually look forward to serve pilgrims with more and more better services every year. Now we present you, most luxurious hotel accommodations, more deluxe transportation and more affordable prices for Hajj 2016. For more information of Hajj 2016 at Chicago Hajj and Umrah, simply visit our website Chicagohajj.com.

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